Bedford Smillingham, known as Smelly to his peers, is a resident of the planet of Bit O' Heaven. His only source of pleasure is to rat on his peers to teachers and other figures of authority, and is commonly disliked by his classmates.

Plot Edit

In A Stainless Steel Rat is Born, Smillingham is described as having committed a small ill against James Bolivar diGriz, causing dark and brooding thought on how to get revenge. In the end, diGriz told all of his classmates, including Smelly, to meet him at Ming's Multistore, to demonstrate his Get-Stuffed Stuffer Mark I.

Smelly came to the store with two thugs, who instantly grabbed diGriz. James had planted candy inside imitation books in Smillingham's locker. After revealing that Smelly was the thief, diGriz tested his Get-Stuffed Stuffer Mark II.

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